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Kim, Miyoung Atom- Electron Technology
Yi, Kyung-Woo Steel manufacturing and characterization
Sun, Jeong-Yun Multi-Functional Soft materials
Seo, Yongsok Fabrication of functional polymer composites and exploring their applications, with an emphasis on surface
Park, Soo Young Supramolecular Optoelectronics: "Beyond the Molecule!"
Park, Chong Rae Design of carbon nanomaterials
Park, Chan Advanced Functional Materials
Oh, Kyu-Hwan Micro/ Nano scale structure analysis using EBSD, FIB and TEM.
Lee, Gwan-Hyoung Charaterization of 2D matrials
Lee, Myoung-Gyu Computational mechanics and modeling
Kwak, Seung-Yeop Eco-Materials
Kwon, Dongil Evaluation of tensile properties for nano/micro materials
Kim, Young-Woon In-situ Electron Microscopy
Kim, Sang-Koog Spin-wave dynamics and applications
Kim, Jin Young Inorganic and inorganic/organic hybrid materials for solar energy conversion
Kang, Kisuk Lithium Rechargeable Batteries - Electrode materials design
Jung, In-Ho Development of Thermodyamic databases for ceramic and metallic systems
Jang, Ho Won Synthesis of oxide thin film nanostructures
Hwang, Nong-moon Effect of electrostatic energy on selective deposition during CVD
Hwang, Cheol-Seong Next generation memory and transistor development
Hong, Seong-Hyeon Advanced Materials Processing Laboratory
Han, Seungwu Memory devices
Han, Heung Nam Material properties prediction through multi-scale modeling
Doh, Jun-Sang Biomaterials for cancer immunotherapy
Choi, In-Suk High Strength / High Temperature Alloys
Chang, Ji young Polymer synthesis
Ahn, Cheol Hee Nanotechnology