Seoul National Univ. DMSE

About DMSE,
College of Engineering at
Seoul National University

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering started as a new department by combining the Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Department of Inorganic Materials Engineering, and Department of Fiber and Polymer Science. It consists of 39 full-time professors, 17 endowed professors, contract professors, visiting professors, adjunct professors, guest professors, about 720 masters and doctorate students, and 553 undergraduates.

We are conducting joint research with domestic and foreign experts on various materials, including information and communication materials for semiconductor and display, structural materials for aerospace and civil engineering, bio materials for drug delivery and artificial organs, energy materials for solar cells, batteries, fuel cells and super capacitors, degradable eco-friendly materials, superconductive materials, and materials for automobiles and ships.

We will become a global leader leading education and research in the field of materials science and engineering.

Thank you for your continued interest and support for our department, and please feel free to contact us if you have any comments about the advancement of materials science and engineering.

Thank you.

Heung Nam Han
Head, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
College of Engineering, Seoul National University