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Yu, Woong-Ryeol Nanomaterials and Smart Composites Research
Yi, Kyung-Woo 1. Steel manufacturing and characterization* Flow and mass/heat transfer analysis for fabrication of low-carbon steels * Impurity analysis and control for clean steel * LF and RH refining technology
Lee, Myoung-Gyu Computational mechanics, modeling and simulation for crystalline solids and polymer-metal base hybrid materials. Multi-scale framework for simulating microstructure-properties-processing relationship of structural materials
Jung, In-Ho 1) Development of Thermodyamic databases for ceramic and metallic systems 2) Development of Kinetic Simulation tools for pyrometallurgical process 3) Development of solidification, diffusion and precipitation model for metals 4) Application of the Thermodynamic database for Materials Design and Process Optimization
Han, Seungwu 1. Memory devices* PRAM : Modeling of PRAM resistance drift based on first principles * ReRAM : Quantum simulations to enhance ReRAM reliability * DRAM : Simulations on gate stacked structures for next generation DRAM2.
Han, Heung Nam 1. Material properties prediction through multi-scale modeling * Simulation of crystal orientation & deformation by Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Method (CP-FEM) * Micro-deformation simulation by Dislocation Dynamics (DD)