Seoul National Univ. DMSE


Joo, Young-Chang
  • 1995

    Ph. D: MIT, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

  • 1989

    M.S : Seoul National University, Department of Metallurgical Engineering

  • 1987

    B.S : Seoul National University, Department of Metallurgical Engineering

  • 2009

    IEEE-International Interconnect Technology Conference (Sapporo Japan) General Chair

  • 2008

    MRS(Materials Research Society) Fall Meeting (Boston, USA) Meeting Chair

  • 2006-Current

    Electronic Materials Letters, Editorial Board

  • 2006-2007

    Stanford University, Visiting Professor

  • 1999-prsent

    Seoul National University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor

  • 1997-1999

    AMD (CA, USA), Senior Device Engineer

  • 1995-1997

    Max-Planck-Institute for Metal Research (Stuttgart, Germany), Scientist

Research Interests
1. Reliability of Interconnects and Packaging for Integrated Circuits* Electromigration, stress-migration, and TDDB of Cu/low-k interconnects
* Mechanical and electrical reliability of 3-dimensional IC using Through Si Via (TSV)2. New materials for next generation memory and display devices* Atomic migration and mechanical stress of phase-change RAM
* Characterization of the doping effect on the memory and display device
* Interconnects and electrodes for InGaZnO TFT and OLED3. Flexible and Printable Electronic and Energy devices* Materials and processing of inkjet printing
* Fatigue free electrode and transistor for flexible/stretchable devices
* Nano-hybird composite electrode for solar water splitting and super capacitor4. Transparent Conducting Electrode* Nono particle based soluble ITO
* Metal nanofiber using electro-spinning
* Electrical and mechanical properties of PEDOT:PSS
Selected Publications
1. Patents* Multi-bit memory device using multi-plug, (US 7929330) (2011)
* Method for forming metal/carbon nanotube composite film and metal/carbon nanotube composite film (KOR1134352) (2012)
* Method for evaluating degrading of flexible substrate structure (2012)
[20 domestic, 12 international patens]2. Papers* "Atomic migration in molten and crystalline Ge2Sb2Te5 under high electric field", Appl. Phys. Lett., 95, 032104 (2009)
* "Highly conductive Ag nanoparticulate films induced by movable rapid thermal annealing applicable to roll-to-roll
processing", J. Electrochem. Soc., 158, K165 (2011)
* "Improved mechanical performance of solution-processed MWCNT/Ag nanoparticle composite films with
oxygen-pressure-controlled annealing", Carbon, 50, 98 (2012)
* "Influence of dopants on atomic migration and void formation in molten Ge2Sb2Te5 under high-amplitude
electrical-pulse", Acta Mater., 60, 2012 (2012)
* "Te-Centric View of the Phase Change Mechanism in Ge-Sb-Te Alloys", Phys. Rev. Lett., 108, 165506 (2012)
[120 publications in SCI journals]
Lab Overview
1. Characterization and enhancement of reliability in interconnects and packaging* Wafer level and package level analysis of reliability: EM, SM, TDDB, ECM2. Biocompatible polymers for cell encapsulation* Mechanical stress and adhesion in thin films using lasers, XRD and 4-point bending test
* Electrical-mechanical property coupling of metals and conducting polymer
* Microstructure analysis using TEM, EBSD, and SEM (texture, crystal structure, impurities)3. Solution processing* Post annealing of nanoparticle based printed film
* Electrospinning, Spray coating4. Development of Flexible/Stretchable devices