Seoul National Univ. DMSE


Oh, Kyu-Hwan
  • 1986

    Ph. D : Seoul National University, Department of Metallurgical engineering

  • 1983

    M.S : Seoul National University, Department of Metallurgical engineering

  • 1980

    B.S : Seoul National University, Department of Metallurgical engineering

  • 1999-Present

    Korea Institute of Metals and Materials, thermodynamics assistant chairman

  • 1996-Present

    Metals and Materials, Editorial Director

  • 1993-present

    Seoul National University, Professor

  • 1990-1991

    University of Oxford Post Doc.

  • 1984-1993

    Korean Institute of Science and Technology, Researcher

Research Interests
1. Fabrication Process of Steel Material* Computer simulation of thermal stress, thermal conductivity during fabrication process of steel material through numerical analysis
* Optimization of molding: Estimating flaws and structural changes through calculations with mold��셲 thermal
conductivity and thermal stress resistance
* Application: strip casting, mold, plate2. Analysis and Control of Composite Textile* Observation and analysis on micro structure through TEM, FIB, EBSD, EDS etc.
* Grain Refining Technology: grain refining through heat treatment and controlling its mechanical properties
* Controlling crystal texture: control through heat treatment, and mechanical processing
* Application: Analysis of micro structure of multi-scale material, gold bonding wire, various structural materials, nano device3. Microstructure analysis of Li ion battery* Analysis the microstructure evolution during the lithiation and delithiation
* Observation of the Li ion path and crack propagation inside of the battery
* Specialized FIB-TEM analysis without air exposes using air lock chamber and glove box.
* Application: Anode, cathode for high capacity Li ion battery.
Selected Publications
1. Patents* Creation of highly-controlled Self-assembled wrinkles on polymer substrate using Focused Ion Beam irradiation, USA, 60/833,338 (2006)
* Method for Manufacturing Grain-Oriented Silicon Steel Containing High Silicon by Strip Casting Process, Korea, 10-0490999-00-00 (2005)
* Method of sintering body having high hardness, Korea, 10-0568970-0000 (2006)
[Total of 8 domestic and 3 international patents]2. Papers* A Generic Approach for Embedded Catalyst-Supported Vertically Aligned Nanowire Growth , Nano Lett., 8, 1328 (2008)
* Wrinkled hard skins on polymers created by focused ion beam , P. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA., 104, 1130 (2007)
[Total of 215 international and 65 domestic publications]
Lab Overview
1. Micro/ Nano scale structure analysis using EBSD, FIB and TEM.
Metallic, amorphous material��셲 distinct characteristic and their unique crystal structures affect their mechanical, electrical and other properties. High resolution microstructure could be observed for metal, thinfilm, nanowire and battery material etc.2. Interpretation of material properties using finite elements method.
Computer simulation solve the analytical data by estimating the entire picture by combining each data from divided phases. The resulting data becomes reliable enough that it can be used on real system for stress dispersion, prediction on physical shape, and thermal conductivity.