Seoul National Univ. DMSE


Park, Eun Soo
  • 2005

    Ph.D : Yonsei University, Department of Metallurgical Engineering

  • 2000

    M.S : Yonsei University, Department of Metallurgical Engineering

  • 1998

    B.S : Yonsei University, Department of Metallurgical Engineering

  • 2008-prsent

    Seoul National University, Professor

  • 2006-2008

    Harvard University (Applied Physics), Postdoctoral Fellow

  • 2005-2006

    Yonsei University, Center for Non-crystalline Materials, Senior Researcher

  • 2005

    IFW Dresden, Germany, Visiting Scholar

Research Interests
1. Tailor-made design and process optimization of advanced engineering materials: Non-crystalline (amorphous, quasicrystals) / nano-crystalline alloys, Bulk metallic glasses and their composites, Light-weight metals / alloys, Autonomous structure tailoring materials2. Physics, chemistry and metallurgy related to the above-mentioned materials3. Atomic/nano-granular microstructure characterizations using intensive structural analysis techniques: AFM, SAXS, EXAFS, SANS, HRND, HRTEM, 3DAP-FIM, etc.4. Dynamic research on correlation between phase transformation and property changes
Selected Publications
1. Patents* "Magnesium based amorphous alloy having improved amorphous forming ability and ductility"US 8,016,955 B2
(Sep. 2011), JP 4,137,095 (Jun. 2008)
* "Monolithic metallic glasses with enhanced ductility", US 7,582,173 B2 (Sep. 2009), JP 4,402,015 (Nov. 2009)
[Total of 5 international / 27 domestic patents]2. Papers* "Correlation between fragility and glass forming ability / plasticity in metallic glass forming alloys", Appl. Phys.Lett., 92, 031907 (2007)
* "Effect of addition of Be on glass-forming ability, plasticity and structural change in Cu-Zr bulk metallic glasses", Acta Mater., 56, 3120 (2008)
* "Synthesis of metallic glass composites using phase separation phenomena", Acta Mater., 58, 2483 (2010)
[Total of 50 publications in international SCI journals]3. Books* "Enhancement of plasticity in bulk metallic glasses", FRONTIERS IN THE DESIGN OF MATERIALS, Baldev
Raj, S. Ranganathan, K. Bhanu Sankara Rao, M.D. Matthew, P. Shankar (Eds), University Press (India)
Limited, India (2007) pp. 327-338.