Seoul National Univ. DMSE


Nam, Ki Tae
  • 2007

    Ph.D : Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

  • 2002

    M. S : Seoul National University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

  • 2000

    B. S : Seoul National University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

  • 2010-Present

    Professor, Seoul National University

  • 2010-Present

    Director, Nano System Institute, Seoul National University

  • 2007-2010

    Postdoctoral Fellow,the Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Research Interests
1. Design and fabrication of bio-inspired materials for electrochemical devices* Development of metal cluster catalyst for the water splitting.
* Understanding of the mechanism of biological systems and mimicking their electrochemical behavior.2. Design and fabrication of sustainable energy devices* Study on the energy converting mechanism in biological systems.
* Development of energy devices that integrate living and nonliving components.3. Self-assembly of nanomaterials using mechanism of biological systems* Research on the assembly mechanism of biological systems for self-assembly nanomaterials
* Electrostatic assembly to create hierarchialnanostrcutures4. Design and synthesis of hybrid nanomaterials* Synthesis of the inorganic nanomaterials and design of the soft matter for the construction of hybrid devices.
Selected Publications
1. Patents* A. M. Belcher, B. R. Peelle, K. T. Nam, "Multifunctional biomaterials as scaffolds for electronic, optical,
magnetic, semiconducting, and biotechnological applications", US patent 20050170336 (August 4, 2005).
* K. T. Nam, C. Y. Chiang, A. M. Belcher, "Virus scaffold for flexible Li ion battery electrode", US patent
20060121346 (June 8, 2006).
* P. J. Yoo, K. T. Nam, A. M. Belcher, P. T. Hammond, "Self-assembly of macromolecules on multilayered
polymer surfaces", US patent 2007002914 (May 5, 2008).
[Total 6 publications]2. Papers* "Free-floating ultrathin two dimensional crystals from sequence specific peptoid polymers", Nat. Mater., 9, 454 (2010)
* "Stamped microbattery electrodes based on the self-assembled M13 viruses", P. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA., 105, 17227 (2008)
* "Peptide-mediated reduction of silver ions on the engineered biological scaffolds", ACS Nano, 2, 1480 (2008)
* "Direct Assembly of M13 viruses on patterned polyelectrolyte multilayer", Nano Lett., 8, 1081 (2008)
* "Virus enabled synthesis and assembly of nanowires for lithium ion battery electrodes", Science 312, 885 (2006)
* "Spontaneous assembly of viruses on multilayered polymer surfaces", Nat. Mater., 5, 234 (2006)
[Total of17 publications since 2001]
Lab Overview
1. Polyoxometalate (POM) based metal clusters as a catalyst for water splitting1) Designand fabrication of water oxidation catalysts using POMs functionalized with organic molecules.2. Virus based nanoprobe for biological detection1) Engineering the size, shape of metallic nanoparticles to control their ability to absorb and scatter light.
2) Conjugation of metallic nanoparticle with virus for construction of an optical detection system.3. Hybrid catalyst based on biomolecule and metal ions1) Development of a new class of bio-inspired catalysts.
2) Study on unique binding environments in a variety of sequence contexts and various types of metal ions.4. Design of inorganic ligand for interface control5. Directed evolution to identify specific interaction between biomolecule and inorganic material6. Hybrid gel induced by electrostatic interactions