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Seminar & Colloquium

Seminar & Colloquium
[세미나: 4월 6일(목), 오후 4시] Prof. Mamoru Senna, Keio University

[세미나: 4월 6일(목), 오후 4시] Prof. Mamoru Senna, Keio University



Participation of organic substances in preparation and functionality of nanocomposites



Prof. Mamoru Senna, Emeritus Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Keio University



Mamoru SENNA, Ph.D, is an emerited professor at Department of Applied Chemistry in Keio University in Yokohama. He is presently working as visiting professor in several universities and research institutions, among others, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) and Institute of Geotechnology, Academy of Slovak Sciences (Slovakia).

After his promotion in Keio University in 1971, he carried out his post-doctoral research works in RWTH Aachen (1972-74), and University of Karlsruhe (1980-1981). 


His background is physical chemistry of fine particulate solids and colloidal dispesion. Preferential research field is solid-state reactions and reactivity of solids. His particular interest is concentrated on role of external field on the charge and atomic transfer across the solid/solid or solid/semisolid or liquid between inorganic and organic matters. He is one of the co-founders of International Mechanochemical Association. 

Recent activity is focused on the preparative processes of functional nanocomposite materials by controlling noncovalent bridging bonds between metallic and organic components in a solid state, to meet SDGs requirements of UN. Examples include energy-storage materials, photocatalysts and spintronic materials. He is recently interested in the simultaneous immobilization and functionalization of metal oxides with biomass-derived organics is also involved. His recent research studies are jointly carried out with some research institutes in Europe, Asia and Japan. 


Scientific metrics based on the Scopus database: 353 Documents; 7055 Citations by 5284 documents; h-index: 39


| Date | Thursday, April 6th, 2023

| Time | 16:00 ~

| Venue | 33동 125호 (WCU 다목적실)



Roles of organic compounds on the nanocomposite materials are increasingly interested. New starting materials, enzymic processes, structural binders or surface modifiers are typical examples. The chemical interactions between the participating species are not always conventional. Case studies are selected and explained from the area of novel mechanochemical processes and functionalities of metal organic frameworks. A short outlook will be given to stimulate interdisciplinary collaborations.


| Host | 장호원 교수(02-880-1720)