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Nucleation and Growth of Monolayer MoS2 at Multisteps of MoO2 Crystals by Sulfurization (Prof. Gwan-Hyoung Lee’s group)


Yeonjoon Jung and Prof. Gwan-Hyoung Lee reported a method to grow high-quality MoS2 at a faceted MoO2 crystal by sulfurization. They observed epitaxial relationship of synthesized MoS2 and monoclinic MoO2. The epitaxially grown MoS2 layer on MoO2 was continuously grown on the SiO2 substrate to form a high-quality monolayer MoS2. This study demonstrates the growth potential of high-quality two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide materials and provides a methodology for crystal direction control and patterning of growing transition metal dichalcogenides. This work was published in ACS nano.